Welcome to the wonderful world of Thomas Chipman.


I am delighted to make your acquaintance. At Thomas Chipman, we make one of Australia’s largest range of certified organic and gluten-free chips. I invite you to explore my range of delicious delicacies, and discover for yourself why there is no other chip more natural than a Thomas Chipman Organic Chip.

The story starts here…

I never set out to be the world’s greatest chipologist. However, over the years, people have written various stories about my exploits and achievements. Whilst I’m not about to try and rewrite history, I’ll share with you some of the tales and you can decide for yourself.


The Making of Thomas Chipman


Story has it that young Thomas was only 15 years of age when he set off on his own from his home in New England. With a zest for adventure, he was keen to travel and explore the wider world. The year was 1823.

Over the next 12 years, Thomas’ travels took him to far off places. From the old world charm of Europe to the exotic Far East, his thirst for discovery was insatiable. He sailed the deepest seas and climbed the highest peaks. It was during one such journey through Peru, while scaling the Andes, he encountered descendants of the ancient Inca empire.

Inspired by their age-old farming and cooking methods, Thomas spent several months living among the villagers, learning and perfecting these traditional skills.

Some years later, he returned to his small farming community in New England and put to good use the knowledge he had acquired in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  It wasn’t long before Thomas created what he considered to be the ideal corn chip. A tasty chip made from stone ground corn using organic ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Thomas’ reputation as the “chip” man soon spread, until eventually he was known simply as Thomas Chipman. Incredible as it may seem, this is the way Thomas Chipman Corn Chips are made today.

 Fact or fiction? Taste them and decide for yourself.



The Thomas Chipman range is proudly certified organic and 100% gluten free. It is made with organic produce sourced from local Australian farmers and non-hydrogenated expeller pressed oil. Thomas Chipman chips are free from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, added MSG and nuts.



Discover your chips of choice below…




My Corn Chips are created with whole grains of sun-ripened organically grown corn. First, we slowly soak the fresh corn kernels for many hours until they are just right. Then we gently stone-grind the corn, under the watchful eye of our chief chip craftsman. The corn is rolled into the perfect thickness, finished in organic oil and seasoned to perfection.




I’m as partial to the delicate crunch of a potato chip as the next fellow, and as such, I created the first certified organic and gluten free potato chip made in Australia. Using only premium quality ingredients, my Thomas Chipman® Potato Chips are made the old fashioned way; with the skins on and sliced thick for extra flavour, of course!




When it comes to chip making… I see myself as a potato pioneer. A chip connoisseur, if you will. Henceforth I thought, why limit our palates to only corn or potato chips? Indeed, there is a whole world of noteworthy organic vegetables just waiting to be transformed into remarkably delicious chips.


Now, here is the best part of all. Where can you find Thomas Chipman?
Thomas Chipman® Organic Chips can be discovered at selected IGA, Foodworks and independent supermarkets, organic produce shops, fruit and vegetable stores and leading health food stores. If you happen upon trouble locating my range in your store, send word to me here