Questions Often Asked


Are all the Thomas Chipman chips gluten free?

All Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are gluten free. This means that all products contain ingredients that are suitable for a gluten free diet.  The Thomas Chipman range has been tested to have no detectable gluten as per the FSANZ guidelines for gluten free.

Are Thomas Chipman chips dairy free?

Apart from the Splendid Cheese Corn Chip, all Thomas Chipman Organic Chips do not contain any dairy,  however they are made in a facility that uses a real cheese seasoning. 


Are Thomas Chipman chips Nut Free?

Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are produced in a total “nut free” environment. We have strict measures in place to remove the risk of cross contamination or airborne contamination.

Do you add MSG to your products?

No, we do not add MSG to any of our products or any of the ingredients in our products. Some small traces of naturally occurring MSG could exist and people who have severe sensitivities to MSG may want to consider moderation.


What type of vegetable oil do you use?

When it comes to making Australia’s premier range of organic and gluten free chips, we’re very particular about the ingredients we use. So it’s probably no surprise that choosing the right oil was extremely important to us. Naturally, the best oil for our needs had to be organic, so we choose to use organic cold-pressed sunflower oil.  It has a mild, clean taste and is low in saturated fat. 

Why is using non hydrogenated oil important?

Hydrogenation is a process that utilizes the addition of hydrogen and increases the level of harmful trans fats. The sunflower oil we use is not hydrogenated.  Our oil is also cold expeller pressed which simply means the oil has been squeezed by an expeller machine with no heat, until all the oil has been pressed out.  No chemicals, no additives and preservatives, just 100% pure oil.