corn chips


Thomas Chipman® Lightly Salted Original Corn Chips

My proudest moment – the creation of the first certified organic, 100% gluten free corn chip made in Australia. Big on fresh corn flavour and light on salt. You can taste the difference. Available in a 230g and 500g pack.


Thomas Chipman® Splendid Cheese Corn Chips

At last, a great tasting cheese corn chip without any artificial colours or flavours. The taste is simply splendid. Try this extraordinary chip for yourself. Available in a 500g pack.


Thomas Chipman® Ancient Grains Corn Chips

A truly remarkable corn chip with a taste like no other. A deliciously satisfying treat, made from 100% Australian corn blended with a mix of ancient grains and seeds, comprising chia seed, linseed, brown rice and quinoa. Available in a 200g pack.


Thomas Chipman® Blue Corn & Quinoa Corn Chips

The bringing together of corn that is blue and quinoa that is of superfood status to create an amazing chip that is as visually stunning as it is tasty is a testament to the pure artistry the world has come to expect from its favourite chip man. Available in a 200g pack.



potato chips

TC_Potato_LightlySalted_100g copy copy.png

Thomas Chipman® Lightly Salted Potato Chips

Creating a great tasting organic potato chip wasn’t that difficult. Firstly, the potatoes are left in the most natural state possible – washed free of soil & then chipped, with their skins still on. Then they’re gently cooked and finished off with just a sprinkle of sea salt. Available in a 100g pack

TC_Potato_RosemaryThyme_100g copy copy.png

Thomas Chipman® Rosemary & Thyme Potato Chips

After mastering the perfect organic potato chip, I soon realised that some people might like a little extra flavour. So I added two of my favourite herbs, ones that work so harmoniously well with the humble potato, to create a truly delectable chip. Available in a 100g pack.


Thomas Chipman® Unsalted Potato Chips

It was then due time to celebrate the delicious taste of organic potato; I realised it was so flavourful it doesn’t require any seasoning to shine. I created an Unsalted version to honour the natural and flavourful organic potato in all its glory. Available in a 100g pack.



vegetable chips


Thomas Chipman® Sweet Potato Chips

There was a time when the sweet potato was considered the “food of the rich” and favoured among the royal houses of England and Europe. These delicious morsels are delicately crispy and full of natural sweet flavour. Available in a 75g pack.